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Did You Know Why The Netherlands Is The Perfect Country To Study Abroad

Why The Netherlands Is The Perfect Country To Study Abroad

Did You Know Why The Netherlands Is The Perfect Country To Study Abroad

Offering a wide variety of education in various disciplines, Netherlands is known for high-quality education at affordable tuition fees compared to the countries such as the UK and the US. A study shows that more international students are interested in studying in the Netherlands, and the numbers won’t be waning anytime soon.

A total of 3,29,000 students from 162 countries pursue degree programs at the universities of research and applied sciences in the Netherlands. According to an analysis by the Dutch organisation for internationalization in education, Nuffic, it is evident that the Netherlands is quite popular among international students.

Things You Need to Know Before Studying in the Netherlands

Are you planning to study in the Netherlands? You must keep the following points in mind before applying to any university in the Netherlands:

Economic Outlook

According to research in 2019, Netherlands’ economy is ranked as the 17th largest economy globally. Its economy is known for stable industrial relations and a fairly low unemployment rate. The current GDP of the Netherlands is 1.01 trillion US dollars (approx.).

The Netherlands’ economy is profoundly reliant on international trade. It is a core of natural gas, international trade and nuclear energy. Not just that, it is also a core of many large companies like Airbus, Royal Dutch Shell, ING Group and many more. 

Relations with India

Atthe starting of 2019, the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited India. Both the countries had decided to further expand and diversify the relationship between the two countries. The Netherlands was the third-largest investor in India during the financial year of 2018-2019. Not just that, the country is also India’s fifth-largest trading partner in the European Union. Thus, we can say that both the countries share a good relationship.

Career Prospects

If you are planning to study in the Netherlands, you must be aware of the career prospects in the country. The employment rate in the country is assumed to rise, and there will be a rise in job opportunities as well as businessesin the coming years. Therefore, economic growth is supposed to have a positive effect on the employment rate of the country. Some of the most popular career prospects in the Netherlands are agriculture, energy, finance, healthcare, transport & logistics, etc.

Education Prospects

The Netherlands provides you with an international and multicultural environment. The tuition cost in the Netherlands is comparatively affordable as well, about 6000-20000 Euros (INR 5 Lacs-18 Lacs) each year. Furthermore, if you manage to have a job aside from your college hours, you can manage your expenses as well.

The Netherlands is world-popular for its technical, scientific, and engineering courses. There is a total of 13 Research Universities in the Netherlands, and 12 teach bachelor’s degrees in the English language, in which they offer more than 2100 study programs in English. Five Dutch universities feature in the world’s top 100 universities as per the latest QS Rankings: The University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Utrecht University, Leiden University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

According to the latest Project Atlas by IIE, a total of 94,236 international students enrolled in the universities of the Netherlands, out of which, with13.8% enrolments, India stands at the second position.

Universities in the Netherlands are state-funded and can be divided into two categories: 

  • Research Universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences. 

Research universities focus mainly on research-related areas, and universities of applied sciences prepare students for jobs in a particular field.

The academic year in the Netherlands runs from September until May/June the following year. Some institutions or courses may have enrolments throughout the year as well.

Academic Requirements: A Copy of Passport/ID Card | High School Transcripts |Sufficient TOEFL/IELTS Scores| No SAT/ACT for A/IB level students from India [AK2] | Extracurricular Activities Certificates | LORs |Essay/Personal Statement.[RS3] 

Fun Facts

The Netherlands ranks as the world’s sixth-happiest country, according to the 2020 World Happiness Report. The annual study ranks 156 countries, considering healthy life expectancy, freedom, trust, corruption and social support.

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, the Dutch are fluent in English, narrowly beating Denmark and Sweden. Around 93% of the Netherlands’ population can speak English fluently as a second language.

Local Cuisine

The cuisine of the Netherlands is much more than pancakes! Poffertjes, Hollandsenieuwe haring, Pannenkoeken, Sate, and a variety of other dishes are among the most popular local cuisines.

Famous Travel Destinations

Jordaan and Amsterdam’s Canals, Keukenhof, Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), Anne Frank House (Amsterdam), and many others are among the most well-known travel destinations in the Netherlands.

Final Words

After completing their studies, international students who decide to stay in the Netherlands will have to obtain a work visa by getting employed in any sector. After completing their masters or PhD degree, they can apply for an orientation visa as well.

The process of getting a work visa is as follows:

  • Orientation year (zoekjaar) permits for foreign graduates.
  • Search year permit (zoekjaar) for graduates in the Netherlands.
  • Work permit for entrepreneurs/self-employed in the Netherlands.
  • GVVA or Single Permit.
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Permit.
  • EU Blue Card.

After residing in the Netherlands legally for 5 consecutive years, an international student can apply for permanent residency in the Netherlands.

Overall, if you are planning to study abroad, Netherlands can be one of the best choices. There must be a reason why there are 3,29,000 international students in the Netherlands, a number that is increasing every year. 

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