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Yale University

Yale’s main campus is located in the downtown area of New Haven, Connecticut. New Haven is not far from the urban center of New York City, making the larger city a popular destination for students on weekends and breaks as well as a resource for academic and career development. The campus itself, however, has plenty of charms. It’s well-known for its architectural and historical significance, and was even named the most beautiful college campus in the United States in 2011 by Town & Country Magazine.

New Haven , Connecticut USA

Estd 1701

Yale University

Since its founding in 1701, Yale has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations.Yale’s reach is both local and international. It partners with its hometown of New Haven, Connecticut to strengthen the city’s community and economy. And it engages with people and institutions across the globe in the quest to promote cultural understanding, improve the human condition, delve more deeply into the secrets of the universe, and train the next generation of world leaders.

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Social Sciences( Political Science & Government Studies , Drama)

Biology & Biomedical Sciences




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Program and Curriculum

Yale College offers a liberal arts education, one that aims to cultivate a broadly informed, highly disciplined intellect without specifying in advance how that intellect will be used. Such an approach to learning regards college as a phase of exploration, a place for the exercise of curiosity, and an opportunity for the discovery of new interests and abilities. The College does not seek primarily to train students in the particulars of a given career, although some students may elect to receive more of that preparation than others. Instead, its main goal is to instill knowledge and skills that students can bring to bear in whatever work they eventually choose

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Notable Alumuni

Former President Bill Clinton graduated from Yale Law in 1973 with his then-girlfriend Hillary Rodham Clinton.
Hillary Rodham Clinton graduated Yale Law in 1973.
Ben Silbermann went on to co-found Pinterest.
CNN's Anderson Cooper graduated in 1989 with a bachelor's in political science.
Indra Nooyi graduated from the Yale School of Management in 1980 before becoming the CEO and chairperson of PepsiCo.
Meryl Streep graduated from the Yale School of Drama, where she established herself as a star.

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What Yale University look for in an undergraduate applicant

What we look for?

Describing the process of selecting future Yale students, President Kingman Brewster once wrote , “I am inclined to believe that the person who gives every ounce to do something superbly has an advantage over the person whose capacities may be great but who seems to have no desire to stretch them to their limit.” Within the context of each applicant’s life and circumstances, we look for that desire and ability to stretch one’s limits. Transcripts, test scores, essays, and recommendations help paint a picture not only of a student’s accomplishments to date but also of the ways in which an applicant has taken advantage of the opportunities available to him or her. Academic Ability -Yale is above all an academic institution. This means academic strength is our first consideration in evaluating any candidate. The single most important document in your application is your high school transcript, which tells us a great deal about your academic drive and performance over time. We look for students who have consistently taken a broad range of challenging courses in high school and have done well. 

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1. What is Yale University known for?

Some say Yale is a place of reinvention. Others say the undergraduate experience here is about becoming more of who you already are. Many students find the most personal routes on this journey through Yale’s cultural houses, faith communities, the Women’s Center, political groups. Yale University is one of the popular universities among the students for its premium Music and Drama programs. It is also known for its iconic Ivy League Status.

The College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and 12 professional schools comprise Yale. The top-ranked Law School and the highly regarded School of Management, School of Medicine, School of Art and School of Nursing are all part of the professional schools. Moreover, graduate programmes in the School of Drama, the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the Divinity School are well-regarded.

2. What are the requirements of Yale University for admitting international students?

The majority of the requirements are similar to those of national students. The additional requirements are as follows:

  • Recommendations from 2 teachers and 1 counsellor
  • School report with a transcript
  • $80 application fee or a fee waiver
  • English proficiency test results
  • Mid-year report and final report
  • Standardised test results – ACT or SAT

Note: If any of your application material is not in English, make sure you provide an official English translation for the original documents.

3. How do you get into Yale University?
  • Use your high school transcript in the right manner and flaunt your academic strength. It should reflect your choice for a wide range of challenging courses. Do not forget to ask for recommendations from teachers who know you inside out.
  • Bring your application to life with the help of your academic counsellor. Let Yale University know about your leadership position in your school.
  • The essays you write reflect who you truly are. So, be honest and pour out what you feel and wish for.

Note: Remember that the concerned authority will read the lines in between your essays. So, keep your best foot forward and use your words cautiously.

4. What is the application timeline and admission cycle at Yale?

If you wish to get provincial financial aid, it is mandatory to submit all the necessary documents along with your application as per the given deadlines:


Application Timeline/Admission Cycle

1st November 2021

Deadline to Submit the Application for Single-Choice Early Action

1st November 2021

Quest Bridge National College Match

10th November 2021

Financial Aid Application Deadline

2nd January 2021

Regular Decision (Single-Choice Early Action)

15th March 2022

Regular Decision (Financial Aid Application)

Not Decided Yet

Orientation Week

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Semester Starts