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What are Advanced Placement (AP) Test ?

The AP Program offers college-level courses and exams that students can take in high school . Taking AP courses in high school could give you an advantage in college by letting you –
Earn College Credit
Save money & time
Earn advanced placement
Stand out to colleges.
As of now , there are 38 AP courses in 22 subject areas. AP test is extremely hard , require more time & dedication than other general classes. The subject matter is in depth and students must learn at a faster pace than they do in general class. The AP exams are graded 1(lowest) to 5 (highest). To score high in AP test, student should be good at time management , organizing schedule and learn to balance their academic life early.

What is Liberal Arts based education ?

Liberal Arts curriculum is broad study of the humanities, social sciences, arts and sciences combined with in-depth study in a major.

What are benefits of Liberal Arts based education ?

Liberal Arts curriculum is broad study of the humanities, social sciences, arts and sciences combined with in-depth study in a major. A liberal arts curriculum challenges students to think creatively, develop strong analytical thinking skills, and problem-solving ability. It is also interdisciplinary in nature: you may approach a physics problem from a perspective learned in an art class, or combine ethics and molecular biology.
Added to what’s being taught , it’s also how the subject is being taught. It’s a curriculum which makes you think critically and learn as well. Today’s tech employers are not simply seeking a graduate who knows how to code. They are hiring the graduate who has ideas about The Next Great Thing in the tech industry and how to design and market it because that graduate took courses in macro-economics, marketing, and art, along with computer science.

What is Early Decision (ED ) and Early Action (EA ) in US undergraduate admission process ?

Early decision (ED) is a common policy used in college admissions in the US for admittion to undergraduate programs. Genrally it indicates to the university that the candidate considers that institution to be his or her top choice.Early decision is binding. This means if you are accepted through early decision, you are committed to attending that school, and will withdraw any applications you may have submitted for the regular deadlines at other schools.
Early Action programs are non-binding, meaning that students are not obligated to attend if admitted. Students may also apply Early Action at multiple schools, unless they are applying to an institution with a Single Choice or Restrictive Early Action policy, such as Yale, Princeton or Stanford, for example.
There are roughly 300 colleges in US which offer either or both these programs. While it help the colleges to improve their yield , it could help boost students chance to gain admission to highly selective colleges, though this can be tricky since the early applicants pool is highly motivated and may represent stronger applications in general and hence higher acceptance. Typically the student must apply in the beginning of November and must submit an Early Decision Agreement with her application (signed by the student, her parent and the school counselor)

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