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Undergraduate – Regular Admission Decision Timeline for Top Universities


Undergraduate – Regular Admission Decision Timeline for Top Universities

January till June is crunch time for Admission Officers. Admission Offices across top universities are working hard to assess thousands of applications within regular decision application cycles.

Once students submit their applications, it is vital to keep track of each post-application phase component and notification dates for the regular admission cycle.

Here is the UniVisory list comprising admission decision timelines for top colleges. Please note that many of these timelines are general and could change as we inch towards the actual dates.

CollegeRegular Application Cycle Decision Timeline
Harvard UniversityEnd March
Stanford UniversityBy 1st April
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Mid-March
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)End March
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)End March
Yale UniversityBy April
Columbia UniversityBy April
Princeton UniversityBy Early April
New York University (NYU)By 1st April
University of PennsylvaniaBy Early April
University of ChicagoBy Late March
Cornell UniversityBy Early April
Duke UniversityBy Early April
John Hopkins UniversityBy Early April
University of Southern CaliforniaBy 1st April
Northwestern UniversityBy Late March
Carnegie Mellon UniversityBy 1st April
University of MichiganEnd March
Brown UniversityBy Early April
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)By 31st March
Boston UniversityBy 1st April
Emory UniversityBy 1st April
Rice UniversityBy 1st April
Dartmouth CollegeBy Early April
Babsons CollegeMid-March
Oxford UniversityBy 10th January
Cambridge UniversityBy 25th January
Imperial UniversityBy 31st March
University of EdinburghBy End April
London School of Economics (LSE)By End May
University of TorontoEnd January till May
University of British Columbia (UBC)End January till May
University of WaterlooEnd January till May
McGill UniversityMid Dec till End May
University of AlbertaEnd January till May
McMaster UniversityEnd January till May
National University of Singapore (NUS)Mid May till End July
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)By End June
Australian National University (ANU)5th September
The University of Hong KongBy End August

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