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Oxford University – How to Get into Oxford University as an undergraduate applicant?

How to Get into Oxford University as an undergraduate applicant

Oxford University – How to Get into Oxford University as an undergraduate applicant?

Oxford is one of the most popular universities in the world. It is the dream university of many ambitious students globally. Unfortunately, admission is highly competitive at Oxford University; hence, deep knowledge and passion in your chosen stream are fundamental. Therefore, it will be best if you are dedicated to your field of study altogether. Reaching the gates of Oxford can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

According to present-day statistics, one-third of its students, including 21% of undergraduates, are international citizens from over 150 countries. Moreover, Oxford embraces applications from international students with open arms. But you must be questioning yourself, how hard is it to get into Oxford University? Here’s an excerpt of what Oxford University look into an undergraduate applicant: 

“Academic excellence is most weighted in Oxford. For Oxford, the typical conditional offer ranges between A*A*A and AAA. However, exam results are only a part of the information we used to build a picture of your academic ability and potential, so even the best possible grades won’t guarantee you a place. Extracurricular activities are important, especially if they help to demonstrate how you meet the selection criteria for your course.”

Some Tips to Get into the Oxford University

With a close to 16% acceptance rate (it can be much lower <5% for subjects like Medicine, Biology, etc.), getting admission to Oxford University is hard.

All it needs academic excellence in 4 years of high school (though Oxford’s primary requirement is 11th and 12th), intellectual curiosity, passion for the subject you are choosing to study at Oxford, your super curricular (again, aligned around chosen subject will help) coupled with solid preparation, determination, and perseverance. 

Here are some of the critical aspects while you prepare and apply for Oxford University for bachelors or undergraduate studies:

Academics Achievement & Intellectual Curiosity

Start your preparation early in high school. Plan well and aim for high grades from the 10th standard itself, but emphasise 11th and 12th standards. Have a strong focus on your subject area since the more popular the subject, the lower the acceptance rates, which means you require higher academic achievement in those subjects. It will help if you show passion and excitement for the super curricular. Have a deeper involvement in activities around your subject area. It can be research, self-guided study, a part-time job, a weekly journal, etc. Don’t spread thin into multiple activities; instead, focus on a few activities and build a more profound and meaningful portfolio.

Personal Statement

Remember, everybody is unique. The personal statement is your opportunity to showcase your uniqueness, including how you get excited about a particular course, how you get inspired to your subject area, and effectively link examples of your extracurricular activities with your course requirements and how this will help you achieve goals.

Entrance Test

A few subject areas can have entrance tests; for example, medicine, which needs thorough preparation and high scores in entrance tests in addition to faring well in regular coursework. You need to work extra hard if you want to get into Oxford for Medicine, Dentistry, or Law.


Essentially, it is a conversation on a subject with someone who knows a lot about it, just like Oxford tutorials. So, it needs academic ability, lots of self-motivation, independent thinking, skills and experiences you possess, and your passion for your chosen field.

Be Passionate in Your Area of Interest

Genuine curiosity and enthusiasm can take you far in the long race. You need to study chapters and understand concepts that are beyond your curriculum. Try to broaden your knowledge as much as you can. Moreover, get deep knowledge and insights regarding topics that are not taught in your school. Remember, it is not a mere class test, but it is about your admission to one of the most reputed universities. 

Final Words

Finally, with the proper process, perseverance and grit, anything is possible. The extraordinary range of opportunities allows you to choose your student life at Oxford, so it really can be what you want it to be. Focus on the admission preparation and not thinking, “how hard is it to get into Oxford University.” Yes, you have to walk that extra mile and put in your efforts, but it is worth it in the end. Admission at Oxford University might seem difficult, but it is not impossible.

Wishing you all the very best, and let us know if we can help.

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