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How to Get into Oxford?

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How to Get into Oxford?

Started in the year 1906, Oxford University is the oldest and historic university in the English-speaking world. With an acceptance rate of about 17%, this university is highly competitive but much easier to get in compared to other universities. About 41% of Oxford students are from overseas countries. Oxford is a truly international University, with 48% of its academic staff coming from countries outside the United Kingdom.

So, are you planning to apply to Oxford University? Then read this blog to know how to get in.

The university’s sole vision/aim is to grow and spread learning by teaching and research by every means. The university’s buildings and property are not only for academic work, but also contribute to the university’s reputation. They aim to provide a beautiful environment for the students and staff. 

What Does the University Look for in an International Undergraduate Student?

Getting into Oxford University takes months of preparation and hard work. To stand out in this fierce competition, you have to be nearly flawless in all the areas.

  • Good grades are a must. Oxford has a very high standard, so the first thing you need to consider is high grades. You need A-level grades in your high school and other exams. Grade requirements are between AAA (appx. 85% to A*A*A >90%) for highly selective courses like engineering sciences.
  • The second most important thing is passion. You must have passion and curiosity for the course you want to pursue. Go beyond your school syllabus and explore more about your subject and take extra classes to know better. 
  • At Oxford, academics are harder rather than life. Students have to handle a lot of things together and ace at it. So, they look for applicants with a work ethic and who can handle the rigorous academic program well.
  • Oxford has a variety of written pre-entry tests, like BMAT, LNAT, MAT, etc., that help them understand individual applicants better. These tests show how well you can solve questions you have never encountered before. It evaluates your thinking ability and knowledge. It also conducts interview rounds for highly selective courses like medicine, dentistry, veterinary, etc.

If you want to get selected, then start preparing for it now and show your capabilities.

How Will You Get into Oxford?

Application Requirements

Except for language requirements, the admissions procedure is the same for all students, local and international. Each course has a specific requirement. Check the requirement list for the subject you are interested in. Below are the general application requirements you need to know:

  • You must submit your high school transcripts with a minimum percentage of marks.
  • You must complete your 10+2 education from a recognised academic institution.
  • You need to submit your TOEFL/IELTS scores showing that you have command over the English language.
  • LOR and Personal Statement are a must for your application.
  • If you have job experience in a bachelor’s degree and PG courses, your educational path may lead you to new heights.

How Much GPA Score Do You Need?

The average GPA required at most departments in Oxford is 3.63, and a few other departments need a GPA of 3.5 on a scale of 4.0, making it extremely difficult to get in. You need to score nearly perfect marks in your high school and take up extra classes to compete with others. If your GPA score is below the average, you need to work hard.

Oxford Personal Statement

Some courses in the university require applicants to send a personal statement not more than 2000 words. Your work should be original and talk about the circumstances under which you wrote the personal statement on the cover sheet provided. The personal statement should showcase your analytical, logical, linguistic and writing abilities, as applicable to your selected major. The current deadline for submitting the write-up is 10th November, irrespective of COVID-19.


Although the university heavily focuses on the academic part and the student’s aptitude, it pays good attention to super-curricular activities around your field of study. When you are in high school, you should continue to engage in activities around your field of study to make your application stand out.

Final Words

Many students try to give academically correct answers during the interview, but their own perception and presentation matter more. We suggest you prepare some unique and interesting answers beforehand. Many students worldwide aspire to attend Oxford University every year. However, only a handful are given the opportunity to attend. If you want to be one of those fortunate applicants, you must work hard, be enthusiastic and never lose motivation to achieve your goals. Connect with the top international education experts at UniVisory now for more information!

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